Not My Father's Son Review

Not My Father's Son: A Memoir - Alan Cumming

This was an audiobook listen for me, and I loved every minute of Cumming's narration. I have an affinity for Scottish and Australian accents (Cumming is Scottish). I like the way they sound, be it from the mouths of men or women. I have no idea why. I've also enjoyed more of Alan Cumming's movies and plays than I've hated, so I figured my one biography this year would be his. (I read at least one bio a year. Once again, I have no idea why. Oddly enough, I usually read them in February, too. Weird...) I do not read biographies of historical figures or politicos and their wives. I enjoy the biographies of celebrities (intelligent celebs, mind you, not those fuckers that are famous for having rich parents). Especially those who had really fucked up childhoods. Last year, I read Coreyography. Cumming's story is far less disturbing that Corey Feldman's, but Cumming did have it rough. What I really liked about this one were the twists and turns. Other than the final reveal concerning what happened to his grandfather, I was surprised by all of it. Cumming's life story would have served a mystery author's plot wheel well.


There's not much more to say. You either read biographies or you don't. You either like Alan Cumming or you don't. This book will not change your mind either way. It's an interesting look into the life of a damn good actor (yes, I know he was in Josie and the Pussy Cats and other bullshit, but he's also a shakespearean-trained stage performer) with enough going on not to bore you to death. 


In summation: I recommend Not My Father's Son to those of you who are biographically inclined (if that makes any sense whatsoever), and to fans of Cumming's films and plays. 


Final Judgment: Smurfs 2 this ain't.