Reading progress update: I've read 65 out of 213 pages.

Shattered - K.R. Dwyer, Dean Koontz

This one kinda called to me from the bookshelf tonight. I have no idea why. I just snatched it down and started reading it.


65 pages later...


I forgot all about this little gem. Although not original in the least (not even by 1973's standards), it's one of Koontz's best and most Laymon-esque novels. Short and brutal.


This is part of what I refer to as Koontz's Black/Neon phase, wherein all his Berkley paperbacks were black with bright lettering. Some of the outstanding novels during this time were Shattered, Darkfall, Watchers, Twilight Eyes (my personal favorite of his), The Voice in the Night, Midnight, Night Chills, and Phantoms