Silence of the Lambs Review

The Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris

Retro review time!

Loved the movie, so I read the book. Liked the book enough to look into other Thomas Harris books. Read Red Dragon. Fucking loved it. And then it was all downhill after that.Hannibal was okay. Never read Hannibal Rising, and it still holds zero draw for me.

What I remember the most about Silence of the Lambs is Clarice catching some spunk to the eye. That, above all else, is my most striking memory from this book. What's worse than a surprise money shot? A surprise money shot from a psycho. Bleck!

The ending is probably the best part. Nerve-shattering fun.

Thomas Harris is so good he takes seven years to write a book. Donna Tartt and Marisha Pessl do the same. Stephen King said in On Writing that he (the next quote is paraphrased) couldn't understand why someone would only do something every seven years when they were so damn good at it. This has no bearing on this book, but I like purposeless trivia, so there you have it.

In summation: I figured I'd go back and review all these titles I read before I joined Goodreads (or before Goodreads even existed) because I wanna. Truly, that's the only reason. Because I wanna.

Final Judgment: Better than spunk in the eye.