Hannibal Review

Hannibal - Thomas Harris

This book was boring. I remember that much. I also remember it took me three months to read it because of that. I wanted so badly to like Hannibal because I enjoyed Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon but sadly it fell flat. I believe my biggest problem was how overwritten it was. Superfluous detail throughout, like food porn and boring investigative techniques. It was all so very, very boring... But what the fuck do I know, right? This motherfucker is probably the best thing since tentacle porn. All's I know is I didn't like it.

Fun fact: The movie puts me to sleep, too.

As far as the final book in the series is concerned, I have this many fucks to give for Hannibal Rising: 0

In summation: What is probably a damn fine novel was ruined by an impatient twenty-something's attention span. Should I reread it? Probably. Will I? Have you seen my goddamn TBR? You're fucking funny... HAHAHAHA!!!

Final Judgment: No wonder Jodie Foster didn't come back.