Flash Fiction Friday: Tell Me What To Write

My buddy Linton asked me if I would join him in a bit of flash fiction tomfoolery today (it's after midnight here, so today it is), and I thought it would be fun if I let you guys pick the pertinent details. 


For those of you who do not know, flash fiction is a story under 1,000 words, or at least those were the rules last time I checked. Your job is to drop a plot line, twist, setting, character(s), whatever, in the comment section below. Everything goes, friends and neighbors. I will then try my damnedest to write a cogent short story lasting less than a grand worth of words with a beginning, middle, and ending, and the world shall rejoice. Okay, so maybe the latter is a line of horseshit, but it might be fun, and I'm all for fun.


I'll let you guys know when I start writing. At that point, I will stop taking suggestions so that I might tackle the suggestions that exist. After the piece is completed and given a cursory edit, I will upload it here and on my website. If this garners enough interest, we might make this a weekly thing. 


Whataya say?