Sula Review

Sula - Toni Morrison

Sula is very nearly a horror novel. We're not talking serial killers or unstoppable monstrosities, but raw human horror, the kind of horror of which I wish there was more. Toni Morrison might cringe to think anyone would consider her work in the same breath as horror fiction, but there are quite a few disturbing scenes, ones that I will not spoil or even allude to in this review. I want you to experience them for yourselves. Needless to say, I was shocked by the brutality, and pleasantly surprised at Morrison's powerful storytelling abilities.

None of the horror detracts from the beauty of the writing. In fact, I think the beautiful prose and horrific scenes wonderfully compliment each other. I'm reminded of such affecting fiction as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Of Mice and Men. Simple yet striking. Not a wasted word in sight. It is no wonder Morrison won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Beloved, the novel for which she won the Nobel, will be my next read from her.

Morrison narrates her own book, and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend the audiobook, but you should read this in any form.

In summation: I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Sula. It is a novel I wish I had read sooner. Epic in scope and destructively sorrowful, Sula is must-read material for fans of arresting literary fiction.

Final Judgment: We started at the Bottom now we're here.