Reading progress update: I've read 12 out of 692 pages.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes - Stephen King

I've probably read the stories in this book more than any other collection King's ever published. But I've never listened to the audiobook, which is split up into three books. This series of one-sentence reviews (like I did with Night Shift and Skeleton Crew) will include the narrator of each story, as I believe they're all different. Also the stories are out of order due to length. I think they were going for a uniform length with the audiobooks, because the first one is nine hours and so is the second one. The third one is just over seven hours. Anyfloop! On with the one-sentence reviews.


Suffer the Little Children, as read by Whoopi Goldberg, gets three stars for rehashing that old Invasion of the Body Snatchers plot horror authors are so fond of.