Bay's End is Going Away.

Bay's End - Edward Lorn

Hey, folks. As many of you already know, my novel Bay's End has been free on Amazon and Kobo for over a year. This is because I'm not really happy with the book, but have felt in the past that it is a good introduction to my work. Sadly, its free run is coming to a close and the novel is going away for an indefinite amount of time.


I would like to thank everyone who has read, reviewed, enjoyed and even hated my debut novel. I have learned more lessons from this book than any of my other published material. Unfortunately though, the book is poorly written. It's well-edited but amateurish, and is probably the only novel I regret publishing in its current state. The biggest problem in the book is the colloquial use of "could of/should of/would of" instead of "could've/should've/would've". This issue was brought up in post by my editor at the time, but I chose to ignore it. I thought it spoke to the first-person perspective of the piece. People simply think they are errors. I can dig it and I plan on fixing it. Don't even get me started on the people who think that the possessive apostrophe in Bay's is a mistake. The town's founder's name was Francis Bay. He died there. It is literally the place of Bay's end. 


Another problem with the book is the amount of superfluous information (it grates on my nerves how many times I wrote "he/she laughed" in that book) and unneeded foul-language. Those supporters of naughty words and freedom of speech shouldn't take this as me giving up on vulgarity but see it as an author trying to replace filler words with content fitting the piece. Yes, the language works to cement the tone of the kids and their attempt to "be adult" by using adult language, but there are several sections wherein the language only detracts from the situation. A book's prose should never cause a reader to pause. This destroys escapism, and I can't condone that.


Finally, those of you who love and appreciate the novel as it is my message to you is this. Bay's End will always be Bay's End for you. I am not editing the Amazon file currently in existence, and the version on your Kindle will stay the same. I am removing the novel from all sites and barring further downloads so I can rewrite it from the ground up. Your copy will not be altered. This new version will be just that - a new version. I'm not pulling a George Lucas. Your preferred version will still exist. 


To those of you who say "If this novel were traditionally published the author wouldn't have this option," I shall direct you to Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Dean Koontz has been rewriting and republishing his work since the 80s. Stephen King released revised and expanded copies of both The Stand and The Gunslinger, so yeah, it's been done before by bigger names than my own. This is me trying to better a piece of work that I feel I've outgrown but still believe it deserves its place in the world. I hope you understand.


Thank you so very much to everyone who has supported me and this decision. To everyone who loves the book as is, I offer my sincerest gratitude. And remember this: you don't have to read the new version.


Bay's End will be available for free to download on Amazon and Kobo for the next 24 hours. After that, it's gone. Get this version while it lasts, and I hope you guys like the new version... if you read it, of course.


*hugs and high fives*