Digital Companions

Most Blurays offer digital downloads for free. "Buy this physical copy for $15 to $30 or more and get this intangible version for free. You know, because you bought this shit. It's yours. You should be able to watch it on any device you want."


This needs to be the norm with books. If a digital version exists and I buy a hardcover copy of a book (or a trade paperback, because some books never see hardcover) and I pay full price for said item ($15 and above), I should get the digital version free. 


KDP Select, the platform indies and small presses use to publish books on Amazon, offers something called Kindle Matchbook. You buy the physical copy and you either get the digital copy free or for a steep discount. As far as I know, not one of the five major publishing house offers this. I say we request change? Maybe a petition? Not sure. Post your ideas in the comment section below.