Rarely Seen Photos

I don't post many pics of my family because well... we're private folks. Today, everyone agreed to a few pics. These are the best of them. 


Oh, and sorry, we don't get dressed up for anyone. ;)


Left to right: Ash and Coal (a.k.a. the Goombas). This pic captures their personalities perfectly. Ash is a very... proper and well-behaved Goomba. And Coal is just... well, you can see from the pic what he's like. 



My son Chris (a.k.a. Baby Dude)



And finally, from left to right: Chelle (my wife), Autumn (my daughter), and Baby Dude.



I caught them taking selfies with Chelle's webcam. That's why Chelle and Chris aren't facing my camera, but I couldn't resist posting the picture wherein Autumn is being her goofy self. And yes, we're all just as crazy as we look. Big fun and much love, folks. It's the only way to live.


*hugs and hugs fives*