Massive Changes Coming

Hello everybody. I regret to inform you that my run on Kindle Unlimited and KDP Select has finally come to an end. I have pulled all material under a 100 pages from Amazon (that includes all short stories and episodic material). Novels and works not published independently will remain, meaning everything I've published through traditional publishing methods will remain up due to me not having control over where it is sold. This change comes due to a shift in policy over at the Mighty 'Zon. Here's the direct quote that spurred my decision:


"As with our current approach, we’ll continue to offer a global fund for each month. Under this new model, the amount an author earns will be determined by their share of total pages read rather than their share of total qualified borrows."


Up until now, I was making good money on borrows from Prime members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers that chose to use the service to read my shorter works. Now that they've decided to pay by the page read and not the borrowed material as a whole, I have decided to un-enroll from KDP Select, as I would only be making significantly less per product than if I sold them at full price. 


The good news is, all of you Nook and Kobo users the world over will now have access to Cruelty. The complete serial novel should be available to purchase within the next week or two. I'm attaching the new cover below. The book will be available on Amazon and all other major retailers for $6.99. The trade paperback version is coming soon.


This change in strategy will not affect my monetary situation too terribly bad as I'd planned to take a more traditional approach to publishing in the future. I have novels out to the five major publishers for consideration, and will move on from there.


This business is ever changing and I'm not a bit upset. I know why Amazon did what they did, and now I'm doing what I have to do. It was great fun while it lasted. The future is now.


Thanks for all your continued support, 


*hugs and high fives*