Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse (Autumn's Review)

Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse - A.L. Kennedy

Review by Autumn (aka my daughter):

Doctor Who:The Drosten’s Curse

Recently my dad received a book that I thought looked very interesting, he and I love to watch Dr. Who and I thought it would be cool to read it. One of my favorite characters was Bryony Mailer, she is a strong woman and is very smart. Bryony is short, skinny, and works at a hotel, but she is a smart and independent woman. Next we have the twins, Xavier and Honor. They are very sympathetic and they care very much for their grandmother and the other characters. Now we have everybody’s favorite character, the Doctor. The Drosten’s Curse features the 4th doctor, who is played by Tom Baker on the TV episodes of Doctor Who. When I saw a picture of him I thought his afro was funny. He is very funny, kind, a little nuts, and is known for his line “Have a jelly baby.”. Lastly we have Patterson, I nicknamed him The Alien Guy. He is a kind alien and his species never means harm even though they always seem to cause it. Of course being in the Doctor Who world we're in England. This book takes place in the town of Arbroath.

If you are like me and like books that cut to the chase in 2 or 3 chapters then I don’t think you would like this book. In the first 70 pages, the only exciting thing that happened was Patterson fell into a bunker and The Doctor and Bryony got him back just fine. I’d rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.