Ruminating On: Gun Control

President Obama essentially said that we cannot be this stupid, this stubborn, this routine, and this desensitized when it comes to gun violence.


I beg to differ. This country is all of those things. And we're proud of it.


It seems to me that any discussion of the health and safety of our citizens is unpatriotic. Especially in regards to gun control. Gun control... Just the sound of those two words sends people jogging off to their local gun store. If any thoughts are expressed in which we're seen as supporting even the idea of gun control, we're suddenly unAmerican. The constitution this and the constitution that. But when we try to keep religion out of our government, what happens? The separation of church and state is ignored. It is bellowed on high, "This is a Christian nation!" But is it? Is it really?


So yes, President Obama, we are, all of us, all of those things. We are desensitized to the death of our children on our own soil. We have gotten used to the routine of mass shootings. We are this stubborn and complacent. And, apparently, we are this stupid. But at least we're patriotic idiots. Right?