Another "Good" Condition Incident

I purchased The Ecstatic from an Amazon approved seller who I've used several times. The book was marked "good" condition. Not sure how many of you remember the problem I had with the Jo Nesbø book I received from Wonder Books a while back, but this was a different seller. I like this new seller. They are normally terrific, especially when it comes to used books. But this? Well... just look.



That's at least five layers of stickers. And no, I'm not the one who tried to remove the ones that are only remnants now. I have not altered the book in anyway. What you see is what I got in the mail yesternight. If you zoom in, you might even see the "Good" on the newest sticker, the topmost one set right of center.



There's writing on Every. Single. Page. On top of all that, the spine is feathering and the cover is bent to shit. 



That's my "Fucking, really???" face. 


Who looks at a book like this and says, "Yeah. Sure. This is in good condition."