Revolver - Lucas Bale, Michael Patrick Hicks

Because I cannot in good conscience choose a story from an anthology I was a part of, I must fallback on my second choice for Best Novella 2015. 


And the award goes to...


Revolver, by Michael Patrick Hicks.


In case you're wondering, my favorite novella of the year (and my favorite work from Gregor Xane period) is Loving the Goat, from the collection Dead Roses. Had I not been a part of that collection, his would be the obvious winner. This should not detract from Hicks's stellar outing. I read over twenty novellas this year, and Hicks got second place over the likes of Stephen King and Kealan Patrick Burke.


Let it also be known that I know Michael Patrick Hicks. We follow each other on social media sites and chat every once and awhile. I didn't choose his book because of this. I chose his book because of how accurately it captured the current state and future of America.