Randomized Randomocity #182

The Hipster Dilemma


Hipsters love being the only ones who know about certain stuff. 


"I love Johnny's Crotch Punch. They're so underground. But I bet you've never heard of them. They play afterhours at the zoo, so you have to be a zookeeper to have heard of them. Luckily, my nephew's uncle works the sloth tanks, so I totally get to watch them play every night. Their first video is only available on BetaMax, and their first single uses lyrics from cave paintings."


Then when everyone starts listening to Johnny's Crotch Punch, hipsters stop, because hipster reasons. 


In Hipster Paradise, everything would be unknown to all but them. Meaning nothing would exist for long. No support from larger audiences would likely kill the smaller performers who cannot afford to make it to gigs, or buy strings and drumsticks, or even afford to eat.


In summation: Hipsters don't support starving artists. They create starving artists. Hence, The Hipster Dilemma.