Randomized Randomocity #183

So there's this new fad that's really an old fad called the Under Boob Challenge. Any of you ladies remember being told (or have been told recently) that if you put a pencil under your breast and it stays there, your boobs are saggy and/or unattractive? Well, that shit has returned (if it ever truly went away in the first place). Now, there's YouTube vids and Twitter pics for this. Censored, of course, but they exist. 


Ladies, if you're worried that guys aren't going to like you because your boobs are too big, all I have to say is, you're more than your chest size. Besides, any guy that is concerned with the size of anything on your body isn't worth your time. But I know dudes who like 'em itty bitty and guys that like massive mammories. I have one friend who actually prefers one to be bigger than the other. Some guys couldn't care less what you have up top. They're all about that butt. Likewise, some guys like eyes and noses and so on.


That being said, if a guy loves you, whatever you're rocking is the sexiest thing on earth.


*hugs and high fives*