Update to Yesterday's #blacklivesmatters Post

Facebook never fails to bring out the best in people (the sarcasm drips...), so I don't know why I am so shocked that Mr. Kevin Latham decided to drop by my post and challenge the veracity of the claims I made in yesterday's article. He obviously didn't read the piece, because every time I mention old Walmart parking lot in my post, I call it exactly that: "old Walmart parking lot." I even say in the post that it was 1997 and not current events.


My point is, this is the kind of disbelief I'm talking about. It's a kneejerk reaction in most white people. "This can't be true!" And then the burden of proof falls on the victims. 


Oh, and him saying he's sorry he liked my post at the end is a load of crap. I never got a notification that he liked it, nor did it say he liked it before I started responding.  


But I'll leave it to everyone else to decide. Did he have a right to get angry? Am I really a prick for calling him out? 



I have since been blocked by Mr. Kevin Latham, that's why his name is in blue in the first picture and in black in the second picture. I think him blocking me speaks volumes.