Cook Korean! Review

Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes - Robin Ha

This was a great idea. All cookbooks should be comic books. Now if only this thing would lay flat so I didn't have to keep propping it open!

I love Korean BBW.

I think you mean BBQ.

Yeah, well, that too. I also love knowing what all the cool kids are talking about when they call each other "bae" nowadays.

Huh? What do you mean?

"Bae" is Korean for Asian pear.

The more you know.

I dig Kimchi and these kimchi recipes are Asian pears. That didn't sound right. Are we sure kids these days aren't just dumb?

No. Not sure. I've heard "bae" is Dutch for poop, too, so that's a thing.

So my choices are Asian pear or poop?




Okay, back to the review.

Short ribs are good, son! And this book right here? This book RYCHEER! This book'll tell you how to cook some them there short ribs, Cuz. Talking lip-smacking tallywhacker-tempting good short ribs. Don't have all the fancy ingredients? Don't worry. Robin Ha says some motherfuckers just use Coca-Cola for their marinade because who has time for soy sauce and ginger and other expensive shit. Just drain a 20 ounce Coke into a plastic bag, drop in your short ribs, and hang out with your Dutch poop or your Asian pears for like thirty minutes, then cook them bitches (the short ribs, not your "baes", because this is cooking not cannibalism) and you got yourselves some goddamn motherfucking Korean BBQ, you sexy fucker!

But wait, ladies, there's more!

Need a hot beef injection? Well there's a recipe for Spicy Beef Soup in this piece! You only need like thirty-seven goddamn ingredients and four weeks vacation time to make it, but holy shit will it make your side dude have main-dude feelings. Also, this Spicy Beef Soup will make your asshole burn. Just warning you. We're talking nuclear hell hole, got me? We're talking lava butt, son. Kinda shit that'll singe your leg hair.

So whataya do after you set your rectum on fire? You eat Cold Buckwheat Noodles, of course! But first you're gonna need some Yengyeoja... holy fuck, did I spell that right the first time? I fucking did! YEA! Anyway, you're gonna need some of that Yeng shit. It's yellow wasabi paste. It's like regular wasabi but yellower. You're also gonna need a bae. No, like a real bae. One of them Asian pears, because we all know you're gonna die alone. Then some rice wine vinegar and some other shit I can't pronounce and you got yourself some fucking Cold Buckwheat Noodles®.

Finally, Robin Ha gives us some of her very own Korean Fusion recipes like Omelet Fried Rice and Spicy Chicken Tacos because who doesn't love some hot cock!

In summation: Comic books are a unique way to learn how to cook anything. Korean food especially. If you have $20 and don't mind a cookbook that won't stay the fuck open when you're trying to read the recipes, buy the fuck outta this book. Or don't. Until next time, I'll be slurping on some buckwheat noodles dipped in Yengyeoja. Ha! I spelled it right again!

Final Judgment: A hundred different ways to make your rectum burn.