Hide and Seek Review

Hide and Seek - Jack Ketchum

This is a typical Jack Ketchum novel. 85% of it is a narrator droning on about young(ish) people being young(ish) people: raising Cain, having sex, drinking and/or doping, telling stories. The last 15% is horrific to the point you think you might be sick. It's the Ketchum formula. You either like it or you don't. Me? I have to be in a certain mood for it. I read this one right after The Girl Next Door and I shouldn't have. Would have enjoyed myself more had I spaced these two book out more. I love a good dark read, but I can't do them back to back. Fucks with my mood. The audiobook, read by Wayne June, is good. No complaints there. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can listen to it for free. In summation: Mostly boring with a kicker of an ending. Not Ketchum's best but far from his worst. Final Judgment: Better than dog food. Kindle Unlimited money saved: $27.94 Quality of books: $2.99 In case you're curious how my process of quality-versus-money-saved is calculated, here's a break down: If a book is one I would've bought no matter if it was on KU or not and I enjoyed it, it goes in the quality column. If a book is one I would not have read without KU and I enjoy it, it goes in the quality column. If a book is one I would've read and I disliked it, it goes in both columns because I would have paid money for it anyway, so the quality comes from not having to pay for it by itself. If a book is not something I would've read without KU and a terrible read, it goes into money saved, but not quality.