The Sound of Broken Ribs


My new novel The Sound of Broken Ribs is now available for preorder. The book is $2.99 during preorder and release day only. After that, it goes up to $4.99. You can grab it in your respective area of the world by clicking any one of the links at the end of this post. The paperback should be available the same day as the ebook goes live, and the audiobook, produced by Veronica Giguere, will be out in the next few months.


Thank you for your support!


Advanced praise for The Sound of Broken Ribs:


"Lorn's latest tale is masterful, and absolutely mesmerizing." ~ Craig Saunders, author of Highwayman


"If you’re already a fan of the nightmare factory that is Edward Lorn, you’re in for a major treat with this newest addition to his lexicon. If you’ve yet to discover his work, fix that. He’s a rising star in the firmament of horror and an author you–and I–want to keep up with, someone who is the real deal, doing his own thing in his own way and doing it up right." ~ Shotgun Logic


"Visceral and harrowing, this book isn't just a punch to the gut. It caved my whole damn chest in and broke my heart in the most beautiful ways. Lorn is a wonderful torturer, and this book captivated me like few others." ~ Michael Patrick Hicks, author of Black Site and Let Go


"Breathing, flawed characters you come to sympathize with and a perfect balance of moments that make you cringe and others that will make your jaw drop, this is on my top 5 list for sure so far for the year. " ~The Behrg, author of Housebroken


"Lorn has written an incredible book on the horrors of humanity with a monster that haunted my dreams every night this week. This is by far his best book I have read." ~ Deep in the Crease.


"Lorn's writing has always reminded me of a young Stephen King's: lean, evocative, and powerful... I can't praise this book enough. If I hadn't already anointed Edward Lorn the Future of Horror, I would with this book. "Dan Schwent