My Thoughts on the Carrie Remake.

Stow your indignation at the door. This is my opinion, not yours. Ready? Okay, read on.


The most recent film adaptation of Stephen King's CARRIE is the best one yet. And yes, I feel it's better than the original with Sissy Spacek in the titular role. I never was a fan of the first movie, and that made-for-TV piece of garbage released in 2002 shouldn't even exist. This CARRIE is the closest anyone has come to getting the source material right. Chloe Moretz is a far better Carrie than Spacek ever was. Spacek's Carrie always seemed silly to me, overacted and laughable. In the remake, I really dug the actors that played Sue and Tommy, not to mention the Lindsey Lohan impersonator (why are her lips paler than her skin???) that played Chris. Overall, the entire cast rocked my socks. 


CARRIE is one of those stories, like A CHRISTMAS CAROL, that will be told over and over again in various different mediums. The message is clear and concise, not to mention important. Bullying is a serious issue that will never go away. Sorry, but these are the facts, people. There will always be an ass-panda looking to shit in some poor kids Cheerios because the kid is different. Kids suck. Being a kid sucks. This is simple truth. 


Now on to something that's always bothered me about ALL of the film adaptations. Spacek looked anorexic in her 1976 performance, and Moretz is only slightly more well-fed, so neither actress fits the part. Neither Spacek or Moretz look like Carrie from the novel, but Moretz plays the role much better than blank-eyed Spacek. The funny thing here is, Carrie from the novel was a chubby girl, hence the whole, "Pig's blood for a pig." With Carrie being skinny-as-fuck that line kinda loses its snap. I'm also getting tired of hearing that Moretz was too pretty for the role. Sorry, but even pretty people get bullied. Especially quiet girls with religious nuts for parents. You don't have to be too fat, too skinny, or too anything to be bullied. You just have to be different from the nutjob who needs a target to make themselves feel better.


In summation: The 2013 version is far more faithful to the book, but that's probably because of advanced technology. Stones falling from the sky and all. Moretz is my clear pick for Carrie over Spacek (remember Angela Bettis's Carrie does not exist in my eyes).


I know my opinion isn't a popular one, but it's mine. I also think Harry Potter is overrated.