Looking for a beta reader.

I've recently lost a beta reader due to the extreme content of my ongoing serial novel, CRUELTY. This means I need another reader who can keep up with the series and help me with continuity. If you're interested, I'll gladly send you the first two episodes so you can get caught up. The third episode will be ready for you in the next two days (January 29th). I would need any notes back within two days of you receiving the story so that I can make any needed changes and meet my editing date on February 3rd. 


This might sound odd, but I'd prefer if you were not a fan of my work, or at least new to my work. I need brutal honesty, not lip-service. Taking on this position would also mean not being able to review the piece, as doing so might be viewed as a conflict of interest because you worked on the project.


If you think you can keep up, and would be able to stomach the content, drop me a message here on Booklikes, or email me at edwardlorn@gmail.com.


Thanks in advance.