Crawlspace - Evans Light

Holy tuna melt on a dried up pancake, Batman, what a story. I started this joker about an hour ago, and I burned through it like good weed. I'm one that will keep glancing at the percentage on my Kindle or to the remaining pages in a book to see how far I am from the finish line, but not once did I do that here. I believe if this book were three to four times longer it still would have been a one-sitting read for me. I could not, under any circumstances, put this down. I had to use the restroom. I waited. My tummy growled. I told it to shut the fig up. My wife asked for some special time because the kids had finally bedded down. I directed her to where the batteries are stored. This story is that good. 


There's no secret as to what this tale is about. The synopsis ties that up real nicely. Dude cheats on wife. Dude gets trapped in the crawlspace of his house. Dude has shitty day(s). But that ending... To quote teen girls all over the world: OMG. I have rarely felt a sense of disquiet so palpable. The very last bit, the final page, is soul-chilling. Bravo, Evans. Sweet baby Tom Cruise, I'm gonna have nightmares. Time for kitty memes. Later.