Welcome To Christmas Land (The Wraith, #2) - Joe Hill

The quality holds steady in issue #2. We're introduced to characters that do not appear in NOS4A2, and given a little bit of a surprise at the end. 


This issue is much more graphic and the characters are far more vulgar this time around. Someone says, and i quote: "Christ the holy cuntfather." If that sentence offends you, you might want to skip this series. 


There's one scene that reminds me of a rather gruesome part of THROTTLE, the novella Joe wrote with his pappy. Gory biker shenanigans. So much blood... If that his face???


In summation: The story gets deeper, and veers off into unexpected territory. As an added bonus, there's a King family Easter egg, which always makes me feel as if I'm privy to some inside joke. And that's always a good thing.