Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew  Smith

I rarely ever read synopses anymore. The only reason I read this one was because a booktuber by the name of Katytastic mentioned it. The blurb not only piqued my interest, but fish-hooked my curiosity. Surely a Young Adult novel about giant, horny Mantises causing an end-of-the-world event couldn't be as epic as this single synopsis made it out to be. Oh, but it is. It is that and so much more.


Andrew Smith has not forgotten what it's like to be a sexually-frustrated teenager. Our MC, Austin, jumps back and forth between his best friend, Robby (a super-awesome kid who just happens to be gay) and his current girlfriend, Shann. If gay characters turn you off, you might not want to read this book, because the show-stealer of this novel is Robby. Austin is great, but he does get a little annoying, but annoying in a realistic sense, because you spend half the book wanting him to make a fucking decision. Are you, or aren't you? Is it Robby or Shann? Pick one, motherfucker! Having never been interested in the same sex, I haven't known Austin's struggle, but I remember what it was like in high school, liking two or three different girls at the same time. Not wanting to hurt any of them, but needing to decide, then making the wrong decision and... well, you get the drift. (Oh, and I fully understand that being bisexual is a thing. So, when I say "Pick one, motherfucker!" I say that knowing that Austin has to make a choice between two people, and not which gender he finds attractive. We cool? All cleared up? Good. Moving on...)


As far as the rest of the book is concerned (I didn't forget about the giant, horny, unstoppable, world-killing praying mantises, trust me), let me just say, this is the first book that has ever, ever, evereverever, lived up to its synopsis. I received exactly what I was promised on the packaging, and was not once bored with this book. As both a consumer and a reader, I was extremely satisfied. If you read the blurb and think, "I think I would like this kind of story," you will not be disappointed. 


In summation: Does this book belong on my top twenty list? Probably not, but it is quite epic, and completely deserves all five of those stars up there. A classic coming-of-age tale told right, with b-movie creatures, and awesome action. Probably one of the more original books out there, and definitely not to be missed. My highest possible recommendation.